Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Kathy Knaus Meat Paintings

Kathy currently has an exhibition at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. 
I have enjoyed watching Kathy's recent transformation: formerly an abstract painter, two years ago, a chance visit to an traditional Italian butcher shop re-directed her work, reminding her of her childhood spent in the family meat market. 
As artists, we have so many meaningful encounters which could inform our work, but only do so when we are open to their potential. Kathy has connected the dots of her personal history in a way difficult for most artists. See these paintings on her web site by clicking here.


paintergeist said...
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paintergeist said...

Coming from "cattle country,"
I have such admiration of Kathy's
new show. Her creative use of her
experiences, past and present, makes a strong base for her painting technique.
Her use of real and abstract
forms, combined with the rich
visual texturing of the images
of her subjects makes for a
tastey feast