Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Acrylic Paint, "OPEN", from Golden

Recently, I received in the mail a few sample colors of a new formulation of acrylic paints that is supposedly similar to oil in it's drying time. The name of the product is "OPEN", and you can get a great deal of technical information about it on Golden's web site. I particularly reccommend checking out their issue of "Just Paint" issue #19 on the subject of these paints.
I haven't yet experimented sufficently with these new colors to form a strong opinion. Getting the samples did remind me of a time, back in the Dark Ages, when I was a student at Pratt Institute, before acrylics were in wide usage. Some artists at the time, particularly the Washington Color School painters, were mixing their own, by adding dry pigments to a Rohm and Hass polymer medium.
One company with a name something like "Dutch Masters" or "New Masters" sent sample kits of the paints to members of my painting class. The colors were muddy, but we were thrilled to get free samples of any paint, and proceeded to experiment.
Thirty years later, I was in Cincinnati, helping my mother move from her house to an apartment, and cleaning out her attic. I found the paintings I had painted with some of those early acrylic paints. They were STILL TACKY.
This is a reminiscence, not meant to suggest that a proven and excellent company like Golden hasn't come up with an innovative and superior product. Golden has a reputation for working directly with professional artists to meet their individual requirements. As I paint in both acrylics and oils, choosing my medium in response to my needs of the moment, I'm curious as to whether I can find a unique use for this new product. I'd love to hear from those artists among you who have tried the paint, and hear your evaluations. Please post your comments. Mine will come at a later date.


Katharine Smith-Warren said...

I hope you try them soon and report. In CO the dry climate the quick drying time can be a trial.

Anonymous said...

Have you used gels or acrylic glazing liquid?

Anonymous said...


So...I wanted to know if you have tried any of the Golden gels or something they call Golden Acrylic Glazing Liquid (AGL)?

I went to a few galleries this week to look at abstracts. Many are so very thick and textural. I'm really enamoured (sp?) with works by Mark Travis at Space Gallery.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Terrell here. Have you tried Golden's Acrylic Glazing Liquid?

Sandra Kaplan said...

Yes, I recommend Golden's Acrylic Glazing Medium to all of my acrylic students. It slows the drying time and also creates beautiful glazes. It also increases the bonding ability of the paint when one dilutes with this medium instead of water.