Tuesday, February 12, 2013

First Peek At "Space Stories"

6 canvas multi media painting, "Space Stories", part of Sandra Kaplan's newest series

There is still time to catch an exhibit celebrating the first 25 years of the Art Students League of Denver, at the Redline Denver Art Center, 2350 Arapahoe Street, in the RINO Art District north of downtown. League Faculty members were invited to include a piece of their own, with work from three of their students.

My students are:

Suzanne Mills Kramer, Young Hee Back, and Tim Alcock; three artists who have been working intensely on their craft for a number of years, and have studied extensively with me at the ASLD. Their paintings range from abstract to very representational, but each artist's painting makes a very strong case for their unique vision.

I am showing, for the first time, part of my newest series, "Space Stories".

These multimedia paintings have been inspired by the Hubble Telescope images, and my gentle research into the history of astronomy. When doing research for my series "Some Thoughts About The Weather" a few years ago, I also collected many images from space, and I have been eagerly anticipating using them in another series for quite some time. History, science, philosophy and art soon collided, merging tales of gods and goddesses with scientific images of galaxies many light years away. I realized how swiftly changing our human view of our universe is, and how today's science will be tomorrow's folk tale.

More images to come.