Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Space Travel","Industrial Man","First Class"."Elsie", and "Beetlebasket"

Here are a few more of my recent collages - the human presence continues to haunt me, plus some bugs. It must be the approach of fall and Halloween.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Human Invasion, Sort Of

Some of my most recent collages, at 11" X 13" unframed a bit larger than previous ones, have incorporated human images. This comes as a shock to me, because for years I've been explaining the flowers in my work as possible metaphoric people. But REAL ones? And is this impulse from my unconscious or a ghost in our house or outer space?

My passion for Sudoku, an unexpected trip to the circus, a garage sale find of Fortune magazines from about 1933, and our family's interest in green tea have provided much of the material for these recent works, but I wonder whether human imagery will soon also crop up in my paintings. Then I'll need to totally re-think what the work is about.

From the top, the titles of these collages are:
Earth to Kooza
Tea Time
Green Tea
Tea Quilt

Thursday, September 3, 2009

More On "Brushes" And My IPHONE

Most of my battery life has been used up painting on my phone. Not such a great "phone" at that, considering the failed and dropped calls, but such an amazing tool in other ways. My new sketch book, address book, calendar, news source, e-mail tool. I feel as if I've skipped a century, technologically speaking. Now if I could just get through a phone call without having to call back and apologize for the lost connection!