Monday, October 27, 2014

Blurred Lines and Galactic Stories Interview

"Edge of the Cosmos", 36" X 36", acrylic on canvas
"Big Band And The Trifid", 36" x 84", acrylic and oil on 4 canvases

During my recent exhibit in the Art Gallery of the Fulginiti Center For Bioethics and Humanities on the Anschutz University of Colorado Medical Campus, I was interviewed by the Comcast/Aurora News Weekly.

My tech wiz, Keith West, with permission from the TV station Aurora News Weekly, was able to extract my interview from the balance of the newscast, put it on my Website, and also on YouTube. So click on one of these links and travel with me to the Outer Limits. You might also find out a bit about my new paintings and collages.

And if you unfortunately missed my show, you have a bit of a second chance. I am now represented in Colorado by the Sandra Phillips Gallery. Several of my Galactic paintings will be in a show, "Blurred Lines", which opens at the Gallery, 420 W. 12th Ave., Denver, on Friday, November 7, from 6-8 PM. Come visit!