Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More on art and politics

Reader had difficulty posting a comment so I'm including it as a regular post.
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Hey, Sandra, Matt again. Blogger wouldn't let me post the reply, so here it is:

Caught much of the debate on TV at a local pub, with the sound off and closed captioning on. Being an Aspie, I didn't catch the look-into-the-eye part, but watching McCain I did get the impression of someone on the defensive. The distortion ain't working -- as the polls I've seen (mainly Yahoo!s Political Dashbord) are any indication.

We artists would face very interesting times (in the Chinese curse sense of the word) in a McCain Administration, no?) Given the sparse amounts of grant cash available, the budget-cut part doesn't really concern me that much. At worst: a revival of shoestring macrame, so to speak.

What does concern me is that McCain would spoil the GOP's base even more by giving the appropriate Arts slots (if that's the right term) to folks with ideological blinders. At least Bush gave the NEA chair to Dana Gioia (probably because he used to be a business exec), who has done alright, in my humble (but limited) opinion. But should McCain get in...::shudders::

Anyway, my .02. Good post.

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