Thursday, June 27, 2013

Regeneration: Sapling, The Third Painting

My drawing for "Regeneration:Sapling", with a grid used
to enlarge my small sketch.

This canvas was first painted a light blue-purple. The overall
tone of the rocks was close to that color. Once the drawing
was traced onto this colored canvas, I  re-painted the foliage
with white. This clarified my composition, and made my
color choices for the greens easier.

I painted a line image of the rock details, and began to choose
 some variations of rock colors.

Dark areas were defined, establishing depth in the com-
position's shallow space.

Basic color of the foliage is established.

Rocks are modeled and defined, and detail is added to the
Minor tweaks in the rocks. Most importantly, the orange leaves,
which I had really liked for the color contrast they added, were
distracting, so I eliminated them. I did leave a bit of the orange
behind the green leaves as a compliment to the blue.

This new tree represents the regeneration after the fire, my symbol of hope.
This painting is an oil on canvas, 32" X 32", the third painting of "Regeneration", a four part painting commissioned by Noyes Art Designs for a new hospital.

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Katharine said...

fabulous- love this post and the painting. I was wondering how you would finish the tryptich and this is perfect.