Sunday, June 30, 2013

Regeneration: Aspen (this painting completes the series)

After doing a line drawing of my Aspen Tree, the background
was painted in gradations of blue. Shadow areas were painted in purple, and I experimented with color.

The lower right leaves were defined by color. I decided that
because the sapling was painted in spring greens, the cycle
would be more complete by making this a fall tree.

Leaves were developed further, and some definition added.

Another step.

The leaves are now filled in, but the composition looks too
chaotic, with very little massing of color. 

More orange and yellow-green is added to the upper left,
and the lower left is darkened.

I continued to add orange to warm up the bottom of the
painting, and to visually connect it to the top.

To complete this painting, I wanted a feeling of leaf canopy
above. I feel that this gives a secure and protective  quality
 to the tree. I needed to eliminate some bits of sky on the
upper left to accomplish this.

These four oil paintings, each 32" X 32", (please read my past three posts) will be permanently displayed outside the chapel at the Castle Rock Adventist Hospital in Castle Rock, Colorado. I appreciate the opportunity to paint this Regeneration Cycle, and to have it presented in such a meaningful location.

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Anonymous said...

This helps me understand painting in a new perspective, from inside the painting as it is in process and in your thinking, creative moves, and methods of construction. Thanks for that.
Terry Buswell