Monday, August 27, 2012

My Fall Classes at ASLD

Fall is here, and I look forward to seeing many familiar, and many new faces in my Art Students League of Denver  classes, which begin next week, right after Labor Day. For your convenience, I have listed the course descriptions below, with a link here to the ASLD website.

Just put my name in the search box for classes, and both classes below will appear.

Expect individual challenges in "Paint Your Vision", where I hope to encourage you to improve on your strengths and clarify your vision.

And come to enjoy and expand the colors you see and use in "Color Through The Back Door". You won't see the same way after this class. I have expanded the duration of this class from 8 weeks to 12, because there seemed to be so much I wasn't able to cover last year. But to make it more affordable, the class is divided into two 6 week parts.
 Painting Your Vision: Watercolor, Oil, and Acrylic Painters 
This class challenges adventurous, independent painters, giving you the opportunity to set and achieve your personal artistic goals. With technical assistance in your medium of choice, focus on improving your skills and meeting your individual goals in a friendly, supportive group. 
Mondays & Wednesdays, 9 am–12:30 pm | 
Sept 5, 2012–May 29, 2013 | Monthly ongoing 
$126 per month, $146 for non-members

 Color Through the Back Door

| Part 1: Working with Paper | Fall 2012

          Dates: Sept 6–Oct 11, 2012       Times: Thursdays, 9 am–12 pm
Ability: Intermediate–Advanced
Cost: $189 for 6 weeks, $219 for non-members
Registration Deadline: 08/31/12
Materials: $10 materials fee
| Part 2: Working with Paint | Fall 2012
Dates: Oct 18–Nov 29, 2012 (no class 11/22)
Cost: $189 for 6 weeks, $219 for non-members
Registration Deadline: 10/12/12
This two part workshop uses color theories from 
multiple sources, primarily Josef Albers' "The 
Interaction of Color". It emphasizes seeing and 
expanding the range of what is seen, hence 
developing mastery over color, and its
use in painting. Students will come to 
understand the relationships between colors 
and discover color's expressive possibilities. 
a series of structured exercises, students will
learn how to brighten, dull, lighten or darken 
colors by changing adjacent areas. Using a playful 
approach to this complex subject,this class will give 
students a greater command of their medium.
Building on the experience of Part 1: Working with 
Paper, in Part 2, students will explore color through 
a series of structured exercises and mixing and 
matching experiments in their paint medium of choice.

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