Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Minturn Magic

Lynn Feiger painting on her studio deck
Tim Alcock painting wildflowers

Nancy Ricca with her brand new pochade box

Elke painting atop Vail Mountain

Nancy, Tim and Suzanne painting along the Eagle River

Suzanne through a window screen

Suzanne's first experiments with gouache, en plain air

L to R: Nancy Ricca, Sandra, Tim Alcock, Elke McGuire, Suzanne Mills Kramer, and Lynn Feiger

In front of Lynn and Woody's home
Tim's foot and easel in the Betty Ford Alpine Garden
Last weekend, Art d'Elke and Lynn Feiger hosted my Plein Air painting workshop in Minturn, Colorado. We were blessed with mostly beautiful weather, spectacular scenery, more delicious food than most of us needed, and an unusually intense  camaraderie. All of the orange and pink clothing we are wearing in the photos above was pure coincidence, but possibly symbolic of the group spirit. Well, to be scrupulously honest, Tim did run to get a orange jacket from his car when the camera appeared.

We began our immersive experience with a cocktail party and a lecture about the challenges of Plein Air, and the many ways to create space on a two-dimensional surface.

Vail Mountain's challenge proved to be too many tourists. So many people interrupted me with requests to take their group photos that I questioned whether I might look like an"official employee" of Vail. Still, with such a breathtaking view, it was hard to complain.

Painting in the Betty Ford Alpine Garden, unfortunately cut a bit short by a sprinkle of rain, we were accompanied by a live, in person, NY Philharmonic Orchestra. They were rehearsing for a performance at the Vail Music Festival that evening, and played the entire morning just about 75 feet from our painting location.

And I was even lucky enough to come away with a few paintings of my own. I'll show them in one of my next posts.


katharine said...

looks great. Wish I could have been there.

elke said...

Sandra, as always you brought out the best in me (and others). It made all the difference for me to truly immerse myself into Plein Air painting for a few days not just a few hours. Thank you so much for your "gentle guidance" which helps us all to discover the true painter in us.

Unknown said...

Sandra, as you know, this workshop was my first experience with Plein Air painting. I was inspired and challenged and encouraged by mother nature, you and the entire group. Art students in the Denver area are very fortunate to have such talented and experienced artist as yourself as a mentor and teacher. If I lived closer, I'd be a regular. Thanks to you, Elke and Lynn for an exceptional 5 days.

Unknown said...

Sandra, the title is right on. It was a magical experience. Diverse as we are, the group just bonded - as painters and as friends. Inspired by the settings and your guidance the group turned out some awesome work! Lynne, thank you for putting up with us in your beautiful home. Elke, thanks for keeping us well fed and on schedule. Sandra, thanks for challenging me and helping me take a step forward. All the best, Tim