Monday, February 9, 2009

"Red Flower Oil"

A Tai Chi teacher suggested Red Flower oil for various muscle aches and pains. I'm not sure how effective the treatment was, but the trip to the west side to get it led to an interesting multicultural bargain shopping experience, and the packaging was beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Did You paint the
gorgeous watercolor?
It is so free and childlike.
Have You thought of putting
some of Your collages next to
each other to make a large collage?

Sandra Kaplan said...

I have done some larger pieces, but the source material I've collected is mostly small in scale. As yet, the larger collages aren't as successful.
My purpose in starting these collages was to make a sort of visual diary, a very experiential, personal expression. Perhaps the small scale is necessary, like telling secrets rather than making a more public declaration
As far as putting them together, they might work in groups, but I mean them to stand alone as sort of Haiku, instead of narrative poems.